Video in The Digital World

Nearly 90 percent of global Internet traffic in 2016 will be attributable to video content. Firstly, the usage of electronic devices is increasing steadily and people already spend 60 percent of their media time in front of a screen. Secondly, multiscreen use is becoming more popular, as more and more devices have Internet access and can retrieve video content from a wide variety of sources. Any device can serve as the primary screen for the user, depending on their situation. The result: there is no longer a device hierarchy and device-hopping is already the order of the day.


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smartclip kooperiert mit emetriq in der Erhebung und Aussteuerung hochwertiger Daten und Zielgruppen

Verbesserte Datenqualität zur präziseren Zielgruppenansprache

Hamburg, 13.12.2017 – emetriq, der Initiator des größten kollaborativen Datenpools der deutschen Werbewirtschaft und smartclip, einer der...

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