MOBILE - The Small Screen Goes Big for Online Video

The trend towards the use of the mobile Internet and video content continues unabated; powerful smartphones and improved transmission standards are playing a major role in this development. Separate from the TV set and stationary desktop computers, the mobile segment encompasses all devices from smartphone to tablet.

With fast transmission speeds (4G - LTE), the use of video content in this segment is increasing constantly. Furthermore, mobile devices are used throughout the day, enabling advertisers to reach a young, active, open audience. The most popular applications in this segment include games and music (videos). Both are outstanding environments for in-stream formats that encourage interaction.

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SPIEGEL MEDIA setzt gemeinsam mit smartclip auf Branchenstandard VAST 4.0

Hamburg, 10. Juli 2018 – SPIEGEL MEDIA, die integrierte Vermarktungsorganisation der SPIEGEL-Gruppe, setzt mit ihrem gesamten Online-Qualitäts-Portfolio auf den Branchenstandard VAST 4.0. Für SPIEGEL MEDIA haben der Technologiepartner,...

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