Dailymotion relaunches video platform with new user experience and content offer / Taps smartclip as Nordic sales partner

London, Thursday, October 5thDailymotion, the leading destination for video discovery and exploration, has relaunched its platform in the Nordic market as part of a global rollout. Guided by a relentless commitment to user experience, the update reaffirms Dailymotion’s ongoing investment in evolving its industry-leading video player technology and continuing to ink high-profile content partnerships with the powerful storytellers in the world.


Video is the most emotive media format and the most powerful way to drive consumer connection - but the industry is not maximizing video to its full potential.” said Maxime Saada, CEO and Chairman of Dailymotion. “We’re pioneering a new paradigm for video in which people can more easily discover the content they love, in which advertisers can connect with consumers in a brand-safe environment, and in which publishers can extend the reach of their content to relevant, engaged audiences.”


In connection to the roll-out Dailymotion assigns Smartclip as their Nordic sales partner to drive monetization on the video platform in the Nordic markets. “We have been working together with Smartclip Nordics since early 2011 building up a strong relation with a solid track record. Relaunching our video platform offering it was also a natural step to renew the prosperous partnership we have with Smartclip in the region” said Thomas Alombert, Head of Sales EMEA.


“We are very pleased with the strategically positioning Dailymotion has chosen to relaunch their video platform at the very premium side of video content adding a needed scale to the consolidated and small Nordic markets. Needless to say were also very proud and happy about the renewed partnership with Dailymotion working together for so long” said Jonas Rundgren, Business Development Director Northern Europe and Global Media Partnerships.

The Dailymotion mobile app, now available in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland on iOS (Apple Store) and Android (Google Play), and new desktop experience (www.dailymotion.com) are designed with lean-back entertainment experiences in mind. 

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