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Video advertising is the segment with the highest annual growth rate in terms of online advertising spend. Video advertising is already running at a high level and can capture a significant share of these investments. Young people, in particular, consume an above-average amount of video content on Internet-capable devices. Among this audience, the rigid schedule of linear TV is being replaced by recommendations from social networks, offers such as catch-up TV and video on-demand, and a wide variety of entertainment options on the TV screen – from apps to gaming. What's more: video is emotional and captures people wherever images and sound are combined in media consumption, on all mobile devices and content packages for smartphones and tablets, as well as on computers and smart TV screens.

The precise targeting of smartclip enables more exact planning, with less waste and much greater efficiency of your video campaigns. Video advertising boosts brand awareness and image. The creative and interactive options to address the audience provide greater user involvement and increase the willingness to buy.

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Smartclip rekryterar Andreas Hawerfors

Smartclip, ett ledande teknikföretag för videoannonsering, fortsätter växa och rekryterar Andreas Hawerfors till sitt nordiska säljteam. Hawerfors blir en del av den svenska försäljningsavdelningen på smartclip och kommer ha rollen som Sales...

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