Digital Video Ad Formats for Every Need

smartclip provides the best environment for your video advertising, regardless of whether you want to reach your target audience with in-stream ads, in-banner, mobile, Connected TV or smart TV (multiscreen).

smartclip delivers the right ad format for every device whether it’s Connected TV (either smart TV or TV sets with Internet access through a game console or set-top box), computers or mobile devices. smartclip also lets you choose between different ad formats for different audiences and devices to achieve your campaign goals. Have a look in our ad gallery.

In-Stream Formats

  • Pre-roll: A short clip that is placed before the actual video. This placement generates an above-average level of attention and greater user involvement.

  • Mid-roll: The mid-roll is a mid-video clip that works like a conventional advertising break. Mid-roll generates a high level attention and has an excellent advertising impact.

  • Post-roll: This clip is shown after the actual video. Post-rolls are extremely effective, because the users intentionally choose to watch them and give them their full attention. The viewer is now open for something new, which means post-rolls score high values for user involvement and response.

  • SmartSpot: SmartSpots attract the viewer's full attention. They feature selection options and interaction and can also vary in length. They let you achieve maximum user involvement.

  • Overlay: The advertising medium appears at the bottom border of the video screen. It can be animated or interactive.

  • Social Video Ad: Integration of social media and interaction options are directly in the video player via Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

Connected TV & Smart TV platform formats

  • Platform ads: smartclip offers advertisers the unique opportunity to reach consumers with branding formats on the Smart TV platforms of the leading CE-manufacturers LG, Samsung, Philips and Toshiba. The interactive platform ads link to a full screen video, full screen image, a Smart TV app or a website – thus providing an intensive brand experience and high engagement. Here you find our detailed Smart TV AdSpecs.

  • Video formats: Video spots – placed as Pre-, Mid- or Post-rolls in web-based TV programs – offer the emotional attraction and engagement of TV ads and additional reach on Connected TVs across various platforms and broadcasters. Combined with Smart TV platform ads, advertisers can follow the complete customer journey on Connected TVs. 

Mobile video formats

  • Pre-/Mid-/Post-roll: The conventional video formats are delivered as in-stream formats or  in gaming apps between the different game levels.

  • Startup ad: This video ad is shown directly after the app is launched.

In-banner / in-page video

  • SmartIntxt: This video ad format is integrated into the natural reading flow within article pages and can also be positioned on other subpages with high dwell time, for example on download or result pages. The video ad starts at 50% visibility. After the video has finished, the player disappears. This non-intrusive format provides high awareness and is perfectly suited for combination with in-stream video ads to increase reach.

  • Video Engagement Ad: A standard medium rectangle that expands on mouse-over and opens a microsite with a video ad while covering parts of the website. The microsite offers the opportunity to include different interactive elements to provide further information and engagement with the brand.

  • Video MPU: A video spot plays in silent auto-play directly in a standard medium rectangle. Clicking the audio symbol enables sound and restarts the video ad. This combination offers a video experience with the highest reach and a variety of targeting options.

  • Videoboard (Billboard): A large video ad placed directly under or above the horizontal navigation of a website that can extend to the complete width of the content. The video plays in silent auto-play and sound can be enabled with a click. This ad format guarantees excellent visibility and high branding impact.

  • Smartscreen: A large-sized video interstitial that plays in the center of the page while the website in the background is shaded, audio on - full attention guaranteed.

  • Social video Ad: Integration of social media where interaction options directly in the video player, via Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.


As an additional connection between linear television and online video, we offer the "Shazam for TV" option in some markets (Netherlands, the Nordics and Germany). This popular smartphone app not only identifies songs, but also advertising spots. Users are prompted to activate the Shazam app during a TV ad. As soon as Shazam identifies the spot, the app provides additional information on the smartphone. For example, within a car ad, a call to action could be the address of local car dealers, a suggested time for a test drive or a request for additional information. "Shazam for TV" lets you engage your target audience with a medium that normally doesn't offer any interactivity.


General Terms and Conditions for Advertisers in the Nordic Countries

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