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Do you want to know the impact of video advertising? smartclip gives you detailed performance analyses for your campaigns. You receive a transparent overview of the distribution spots across the different devices (multiscreen). Each analysis report contains up to 65 individual data tracking points and performance parameters, including ad impressions, average duration, net user range, average contact (OTS) and other contact categories.

smartclip maintains an exclusive partnership with Nielsen Research. Together with their market research team, we compile an in-depth analysis that provides insight into the media efficiency of your campaigns.

  • In which real life situations does the campaign reach users?
  • How does the advertisement affect brand awareness, brand recognition and willingness to purchase the advertised product?
  • To what extent does the campaign affect offline and online sales?
  • Examination of the incremental reach of advertising spots.


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Smartclip rekryterar Andreas Hawerfors

Smartclip, ett ledande teknikföretag för videoannonsering, fortsätter växa och rekryterar Andreas Hawerfors till sitt nordiska säljteam. Hawerfors blir en del av den svenska försäljningsavdelningen på smartclip och kommer ha rollen som Sales...

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