Addressable TV Ensures Maximum Attention with its Advertising Impact

AIDA and Niederegger focus on the impact of Addressable TV and boost awareness and buying intention of viewers

Hamburg, 24 April 2018 – The advertising impact of traditional TV campaigns is demonstrably increased in combination with Addressable TV formats. Both smartclip, operator of the largest Addressable TV platform in Germany, and IP Deutschland, marketer of Mediengruppe RTL, came to this conclusion in two studies accompanying a marketing campaign, one of the cruise provider AIDA and one for the sweets manufacturer Niederegger. There was a significant uplift, particularly in awareness and buying intention. Specific strengths of TV advertisement such as reach, brand safety or awareness are reinforced by this new advertising technology and infrastructure on TV sets. In addition, the amount of advertising is optimised via frequency capping. 

The ATV format Switch In XXL generates interest in AIDA cruises

In the hot phase of holiday booking, the cruise provider AIDA deliberately focuses on these advantages by using a traditional TV campaign combined with the ATV format Switch In XXL. Booking intention in particular increases through contact with Addressable TV formats. The combination of traditional TV spot and Switch In XXL has a particularly positive impact on the brand awareness of AIDA. In the viewer group only reached by the Switch In XXL format, advertising recall for AIDA rose by 11 percent. Traditional TV campaigns in combination with Addressable TV motifs make audience-related storytelling possible.

Sweets manufacturer Niederegger profits from the high-reach medium of TV with its possibilities of appealing to individual target groups

The sweets manufacturer Niederegger was also able to win over customers with a clearly positive advertising impact. The combination of traditional TV spots and a Switch In XXL campaign consisting of two motifs achieved a 35 percent increase in awareness compared to the control group. In comparison, the traditional TV spot alone achieves an awareness increase of only 20 percent. This impact is even clearer in buying intention, in those with contact to the TV spot and Switch In XXL, which rose by 75 percent than in the control group.

“Addressable TV is demonstrably effective due to an even greater proximity to viewers: As a digital ad insert on television, Switch In XXL ensures increased awareness and impact. Significantly more relevance is generated by the specific approach to target groups that ATV in the programme environment offers,” explains Michael Paluszkiewicz, Director Addressable TV Demand at smartclip. 


Study designs
The AIDA study was conducted by the media marketing firm IP Deutschland. Viewers with televisions connected to smartclip’s ATV adserver were surveyed. The survey was conducted after advertising media contact. Four random samples were discerned: Viewers without advertising media contact (n=104), viewers with Switch In XXL contact only (n=71), viewers with TV spot contact only (n=96) and viewers with both Switch In XXL and TV spot contact (n=79). The survey lasted for the entire duration of the campaign. The Niederegger study was conducted as a mobile online survey on the “I love MyMedia” research app of IP Deutschland among 500 users of a device with HbbTV capability connected to the Internet. The survey began on 22 December 2017 and ended on 26 December 2017. To determine the chance of contact, researchers took into account how often the five formats that had the highest AI volume of the Switch In XXL campaign were watched. It is assumed that, with the increased use of these formats, the chance of customer contact with the advertising medium will also increase.

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