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November 11, 2015

Smart TV Insights 2015: A study about the Smart TV market and the changing TV consumption

The current Smart TV study provides data and insights on the spread of Smart TVs and the associated changes in TV content consumption. The result: The intensive use of on-demand video platforms is fueling the boom in the Smart TV market. The joint study of smartclip and LG was carried out by Nielsen in 4 markets and answers the following questions:

  • How do Smart TV and Non-Smart TV users consume TV content today – considering Video on Demand and traditional TV programs?
  • What is the profile of Smart TV and Traditional TV owners, and who is using the Smart TV features?
  • What are the key drivers for Smart TV growth and usage?
  • What is the perception and impact of Smart TV advertising?



September 04, 2013


The results of the Smart TV Ad Effectiveness study verify the impact of Smart TV advertising for the first time as well as provide current data on Smart TV usage and users. This study was conducted by smartclip in collaboration with LG and executed by Nielsen in 5 countries in May 2013.

The following questions are highligted:
    •    How are Smart TVs used in daily life?
    •    Who is using Smart TVs and Smart TV features?
    •    What is the impact of advertising on Smart TV platforms combined with traditional TV advertising?
    •    What are the key drivers for Smart TV advertising effectiveness?


September 01, 2012

Multiscreen is reality: How Connected TV is changing the television landscape

The research looks at the use of internet-based functions on a large TV screen via connected TV, in conjunction with a second screen, and the influence on the use of linear TV.

December 01, 2009

Best of both worlds: Joint research by smartclip and Mediacom Insights on the emotional impact of in-stream video ads

smartclip was the first online video ad network to conduct a study on the emotional perception of online video. The conclusion: Internet video ads deliver the best of both worlds. It combines the emotionality of TV advertising with the self-determination of the Internet.

More details can be found in the research conducted by Mediacom Insights exclusively for smartclip.

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