CONNECTED TV - The Future of TV is Already Happening

Connected TV sets can do more than just show programs and offer either an integrated Internet connection or become Internet-capable through a connected game console, set-top box or Blu-ray player. Market research predicts that 1.6 billion smart TV devices will soon be in use around the world.

Many subject areas are hardly covered by linear television any more – or not at all – but Connected TV (CTV) offers users access to media libraries, on-demand platforms, special interest channels from music to sport, game apps, chat rooms, Internet search and social media apps. Combined with the increased adoption of smartphones and tablets, this is accelerating the shift in both media consumption and advertising budgets. Content on CTV is selected intentionally by the consumer, often after recommendations by friends and acquaintances, or by extending familiar apps from the smartphone environment to the TV set. Consequently, the user's attention and interaction levels are high and what's more, the environment in apps or smart TV portals is completely brand safe.

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