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smartclip advocates complete roll-out of ads.txt initiative for programmatic video advertising ecosystem

To further enhance the transparency and legitimacy of the premium publisher portfolio on its programmatic platform, smartclip supports the anti-fraud initiative of the IAB

Hamburg, Dec. 4th, 2017 – smartclip, owner of the Programmatic Multiscreen Video SSP SmartX Platform, announced the successful roll-out of the ads.txt initiative for their platform. By supporting the initiative, smartclip is taking further steps to provide transparency for its premium publisher inventory. 

The IAB Technology Laboratory’s ads.txt initiative provides a secured, text file-based mechanism for publishers and distributors to publicly declare the authorised partners selling their digital inventory, and marks a positive step towards more transparency for the digital advertising market as a whole. smartclip emphasises the credibility of its programmatic inventory by maintaining direct publisher relations and therefore welcomes the ads.txt initiative as an additional tool that conforms to the company’s mindset and attitude towards transparency within the ad tech industry.

Stopping fraudulent activity at its source, by eliminating economic incentives for fraudsters, is of crucial importance in the market. Ads.txt provides mechanisms to combat two of the industry’s most glaring problems. As publishers declare the authorised sellers of their inventory, unauthorised reselling through arbitration and ad fraud, especially by domain spoofing, can be minimised. Domain spoofing in particular costs billions in advertising every year and is not a victimless crime. Above all, premium publishers draw the short straw due to this practice, losing significant revenue through counterfeit domains, whereas advertisers see their budgets wasted on fake inventory and subsequently distrust the entire supply chain. 

As smartclip prides itself on its broad portfolio of premium publishers and on keeping direct contact with the publishing partners, the company fully supports activities countering arbitration and ad fraud. The simple implementation of ads.txt makes it an appropriate tool for a widespread roll-out. 

‘smartclip is taking action to fight against fraud and embraces the ads.txt initiative. We are well prepared for quality monitoring and able to block unauthorised impressions or impressions served through non-certified suppliers from publishers that have implemented their ads.txt files,’ said Kay Schneider, General Manager at SmartX Platform. ‘For ads.txt to reach its full potential, universal adoption across premium publishers is vital. We therefore encourage our partners to participate and to create a high quality media supply chain. In addition, we support standardisation of the text files themselves, as this would make the programme even stronger. One useful addition would be that publishers list the exchanges that are approved for selling video or display respectively in order to avoid confusion about who is allowed to sell certain inventory.’ 


About smartclip

As a leading video advertising technology company, smartclip offers a true multi-screen advertising experience across all digital devices with our proprietary programmatic system, the SmartX Platform. We provide yield- optimised content monetisation for connected TVs, smart TVs, linear TV, mobile devices and via the web. smartclip pioneers the future of TV brand advertising delivery and creates innovative solutions for interactive brand experi- ence by optimising media efficiency, reach and audience targeting. The company, headquartered in Hamburg with an extensive network of offices throughout Europe, is a subsidiary of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. 


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