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smartclip launches world’s first real-time Addressable TV platform

Inventory enabled for the programmatic SmartX Platform

HAMBURG, June 18th, 2015 - smartclip, the advertising technology platform specialized in Addressable TV and owner of the Programmatic Multiscreen Video SSP “SmartX Platform”, announced the launch of its addressable TV platform, which enables advertisers and agencies to buy and distribute ad server-controlled and real-time-delivered linear TV advertising via smartclip’s addressable TV platform. smartclip already has six years of experience in delivering advertising on big TV screens as part of its multiscreen approach. To date, this includes the delivery of advertising for all major OEMs and Smart TV portals, for CTV apps, and OTT and broadcaster catch-up services. With this fourth product line, addressable TV, the technology video expert now covers the entire digital customer journey on the TV screen. 

A double-digit number of small and large TV stations have already been connected in the first stage and numerous others are currently in the integration phase. The platform has been used by some of the largest TV advertisers to deliver initial addressable TV campaigns across multiple TV stations in Europe.

The technology, which is partially based on the TV standard HbbTV, makes use of connected TVs and can currently be delivered to around every 4th TV household in Europe. With the rapid spread of HbbTV-enabled devices in the European markets, the option for digitally controlled TV campaign delivery is becoming increasingly important for advertisers, as market statistics* predict that this number will increase to as much as 70% of households by 2017.

“Nowadays, addressable programmatic TV is a buzzword, especially in the U.S., but when you look behind the scenes, you realize that most players are either talking about OTT delivery or are not really changing anything other than booking traditionally delivered linear TV ads in a more workflow automated way. That means the broadcast world mainly remains a place for one-to-many bundled, broadcast-delivered ads that are purchased in advance,” says Jean-Pierre Fumagalli, Co-Founder and CEO of smartclip.

He continues: “With our platform, we take the whole global industry to the next level by measuring real-time census viewing data and delivering ads based on that data in real time, through true ad-server integration with the linear TV stream. This enables the market players to truly approach TV advertising from a completely new angle with standardized digital delivery. Moreover, the capability to programmatically consume linear TV advertising in real-time is the same way they consume all other digital advertising. It’s the basis for true multiscreen delivery and optimization.”

“This technical setup also permits midsized and smaller broadcasters – which have been underrepresented in current standard TV panel measurements and thus lacked market visibility to advertisers – to fully exploit their advertising potential and benefit from new customers and revenue streams. We are delighted to take a substantial role in helping linear TV transform in this exciting journey”, Jean-Pierre Fumagalli states.

It is no longer the mere size of a TV station that matters for linear TV advertising, but instead the content, the content quality, and its viewers. For smartclip it will be a golden age of TV and video advertising, when digital truly merges with the TV screen, bringing the best of both worlds together: mass reach with digital controlled delivery and measurement.

*According to a study by BLM (the Bavarian Center for New Media) and Goldmedia


About smartclip

As a leading video advertising technology company, smartclip offers a true multi-screen advertising experience across all digital devices with our proprietary programmatic system, the SmartX Platform. We provide yield-optimiszd content monetization for connected TVs, smart TVs, linear TV, mobile devices and over the web. smartclip pioneers the future of TV brand advertising delivery and creates innovative solutions for interactive brand experience by optimizing media efficiency, reach and audience targeting. The company maintains its corporate headquarters in Hamburg, with an extensive network of offices throughout Europe and Latin America. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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