The Platform

The Platform

smartclip is a multiscreen video and brand advertising platform that gives its customers access to every video channel. As a driver in this segment, smartclip is at the forefront of technological development in this dynamic market.

Through partnerships with leading technology providers for online video and a proprietary technology solution that incorporates all video demands, smartclip has created a powerful ecosystem. This ecosystem gives you the freedom to utilize the technology exactly in line with your demands for online video advertising. Technological developments in this segment are advancing at a rapid pace. We are continuously optimizing and enhancing our technology to remain a step ahead of the market. We also continually test new approaches for possible use and if they meet our demands, they are integrated as quickly as possible. At the same time, we are careful not to rely entirely on a single system or technology. Instead, we remain open to all solutions and developments to guarantee maximum flexibility for the needs of all players in the online video segment.


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Smartclip rekryterar Andreas Hawerfors

Smartclip, ett ledande teknikföretag för videoannonsering, fortsätter växa och rekryterar Andreas Hawerfors till sitt nordiska säljteam. Hawerfors blir en del av den svenska försäljningsavdelningen på smartclip och kommer ha rollen som Sales...

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