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Flexible, Scalable and Agnostic: Our Technology

smartclip offers the right solutions for all demands of online video. We follow an approach that is independent of any specific technology and player and work together with a variety of partners, creating a robust and reliable ecosystem. The foundation of our work is a dependable technology solution that allows fast, custom setups for your specific needs.

Of course, smartclip is integrated in all major technology platforms for digital video advertising. To this end, we support IAB standards such as VAST and VPAID. Our technology team aims to deliver a solution that meets your demands and delivers all ad formats to the desired screen in the best possible quality.

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Smartclip rekryterar Andreas Hawerfors

Smartclip, ett ledande teknikföretag för videoannonsering, fortsätter växa och rekryterar Andreas Hawerfors till sitt nordiska säljteam. Hawerfors blir en del av den svenska försäljningsavdelningen på smartclip och kommer ha rollen som Sales...

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